Here We Crow - An Adelaide Crows Podcast

Soldier On

February 03, 2022 Here We Crow Season 1 Episode 3
Here We Crow - An Adelaide Crows Podcast
Soldier On
Show Notes

Welcome to episode three of the Here We Crow podcast! 
A fresh look at the team for all South Australians - The Adelaide Crows 

Lauren, Ben, Dan and Sam discuss: 
🏉 All the latest news from our round four AFLW victory v the Dees 
🏉 A scoop involving one of our clubs greatest players
🏉 Mark Bickley lawn is discussed at length
🏉 The official debut of the "Soldiers On" segment with a fresh Dan jingle
🏉 + The pre-game warmup featuring two new tracks  and a beer from Ministry of Beer
🏉 and plenty more! 

Pre-game Warmup Spotify playlist - 

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